Abraham Carel Wertheim (1832 – 1897), Director of Wertheim & Gompertz bank and a central figure in local Amsterdam politics was, above all, a spirited philanthropist who used his wealth to better Amsterdam’s cultural institutions.

ABE club & lounge is an homage to Wertheim, Amsterdam’s patron of the arts. The club’s design is chiquely dark, with a twist of the old bank interior thrown into the mix, to provide for that classy but clubby atmosphere that our guests call home.

In 1872, Wertheim gave architect Cornelis Outshoorn (1812-1875) the assignment to remodel his existing bank building at the Amstelstraat 30-32. Outshoorn combined influences of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, also called ‘eclecticism’.


the darker the nights,
the brighter the stars



As we say over at ABE: “ The darker the night, the brighter the stars”. We have a standing invitation for guests to come on over and party the night away. We do expect our guests to conform to ABE’s style with a dresscode that speaks classy and stylish for gents and elegant with a pinch of naughtiness for the dames.